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Gallery C: Commercial and Industrial

quicktime 5 free playerYou will need the free QuickTime Plugin to view the QuickTime VRs on this site. Download QuickTime for Macintosh or Windows here.

Broadband - 1.6 MB

CD version - 4.6 MB

Aerospheric QTVRs with VRHotwires

Photography and stitching by John Wood of iSite Media, VRHotwiring by Geoff Jagoe of Mastery Multimedia. The Broadband and CD-ROM versions above differ in the image size, compression and the quality of the rollover image labels. A smaller version with text labels was used for Narrowband delivery.

Landscapes and People Exhibition

The WA Museum "Land and People" Exhibition

August 2001: The Western Australian Museum's Exhibition "Land and People" profiles the evolution of the Western Australian landscape and human inhabitants, from pre-historic times to today.

Photographed with the Spheron Panocam single pass digital panoramic camera.

Scott Four-Colour Printing Area

Printing Press

The Printing Press Factory floor VR featuring the Heidelberg 5 Colour Press.

Apartment Multinode VR
Multinode Real Estate Virtual Tour


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