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Multinode Apartment Virtual Tour

The Developer wanted to show prospective clients a sample apartment in the location where it would overlook a leafy inner city park. Unfortunately, the apartments had not been built yet.

This 3-node QuickTime VR movie was photographed using two locations. An identical existing apartment in one location was photographed and stitched into a panoramic image. Then Geoff went up in a cherry picker at the building site and shot a panorama of the park and city surrounds. The results were composited together so that the loungeroom and bedroom windows both overlook an accurate view of the park.

The movie uses an autorotation setting to make the rooms slowly pan around. Click and drag within the window to move in other directions. When the cursor changes to an arrow (eg in the bedroom doorway, towards the kitchen, and back towards the lounge), click on that hotspot to go to the next node of the panorama.

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