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From 1995 to 2010, Mastery provided expertise and support in Digital Video to industry and government in the following areas:


Digital Video filming and editing

Video Digitizing for CD-ROM, DVD or Web output

DV consultancy and troubleshooting

DV Systems Design

Training in Software and Hardware

Integration of DV into related industries

Support Packages for Software and Hardware

Video Capture and Editing Systems

Firewire solutions

Apple G4 towers and PowerBook computers

ProMax dual head AGP display card

Panasonic cameras

Analogue Capture Cards

Aurora Designs Fuse and Igniter

Pinnacle Systems Targa

Digital Voodoo D1 Desktop family

Peripheral Equipment

Panasonic monitors

Various speakers, microphones and lights

Editing & Effects Software

Apple Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro

Mission Dynamic Media DV Companion for FCP

Adobe Premiere, AfterEffects

Puffin Designs Commotion

Discreet Cleaner Pro

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