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Client: Self Expression Recordings

Self Expression Recordings has been specifically established to produce and distribute the beautiful music of Composer, Musician and Therapist, Robert J. Boyd

All Robert J. Boyd's music is composed and recorded live on keyboards set up and played like an organ including a pedal clavier. Robert does not use multitrack construction techniques to produce his music. All his music is live performance.

Throughout his musical career Robert was developed his own compositions which he discovered early in life had a marked effect on both humans and animals. His music had a calming quality which was acknowledged by many people over the years, however it wasn't until his late twenties that he realised his music had an immense value as a healing tool.

Since that time Robert has set up his own recording studio and clinic where he produces specialised music for therapeutic treatment.

It was the many requests from his clients over the years that finally prompted him to produce his first commercial recording in 1997 and from there his recording career has blossomed.

His recordings have since received acclaim throughout Asia, the UK, Ireland, and America. All of Robert Boyd's CDs are suitable for general listening as well as for therapeutic work. Several tracks have been used for direct application work.


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