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Gino's Wall:Proof of Concept stitched panoramic wall, 2002.

Clients: Horatio T Birdbath and Joe Record

In 2002, Horatio T birdbath and Joe Record collaborated on an extended mural wall at Gino's Coffee Shop in Fremantle. For months the daily growth and development of this organic artwork entranced the citizens and visitors of Fremantle.

Joe painted and developed the main colour blocks and surfaces, while Horatio intensively detailed realms, fantasies and philosophies with a seemingly never-ending supply of (sponsored) Artline pens.

The finished piece is now a Fremantle landmark.

The image below is comprised of a series of photographs taken approximately half-way through the project. The images were stitched together using the VR Worx. Yes, Horatio does appear 3 times in the image - he moves fast.

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