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We asked some of our clients if they would say a few words here on our behalf. We are proud of the relationships we built with these people and continue to be proud of their endorsements.

Marjolein Towler, Consultas Interactive Media, multimedia developer:

"Seldom does business turn into friendship. Seldom does business and friendship mix. 'Seldom' does happen with Mastery Multimedia where reliability, quality and service are a simple given. Always."

Richard Hunn, localtv productions, videographer and web developer:

"Geoff and Barb are always willing to sort out problems ... immediately over the phone if that's possible, or a personal call very promptly and willingly. My G3/FinalCutPro package, with lots of extras, went like a dream from day one and hasn't looked back, enabling me to meet deadlines without suffering 'computer stress'."

Frank Rijavec, Snakewood Films, director/editor:

"a friend in need is a friend indeed
and the same goes for services
when the chips were down
on a video edit for a broadcast deadline
it was a beautiful thing to have geoff and barb
at the other end of the line
walking me through the system
getting me through the night
and i kissed myself for having gone with a provider
that was there with the back-up when it was needed"

Tim Count, Music Design Systems, audio production:

"The commercial and film music industry is very similar to a pressure cooker. Deadlines, and more deadlines. Our high standing in this field is partly due to always beating those deadlines. Our audiovisual equipment has to run without a hitch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This is why we have a relationship with Mastery. We have found that they have given more than required in support both technical and moral!"

Andy Jacobs, Technology Manager, TV Shopping Network, direct sales:

"Working with Mastery Multimedia is like a dream. They deliver when they say they will, and always try to come up with creative solutions for the client. They are the Real Deal."

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