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Mastery Multimedia began in 1994, arising from a desire to be more closely involved in the emerging multimedia industry and the opportunities presented by the Federal Government's Creative Nation initiative.

Mastery's principals had previously been involved together in Transfinite Audiovisual, a multi-projector audiovisual production company; Dreamstone, a book publishing venture; Peregrine Editions, specialising in science fiction and fantasy fine art, and numerous newsletter and graphics publishing projects. In addition Geoff and Barb had been employed variously in the areas of teaching, photography, medical research, microscopy, electronics, training management, retail management, pro video sales and multimedia production. All this experience was brought to Mastery.

Originally conceived in 1994 as a comprehensive, specialist supplier of the digital picks and shovels to the multimedia gold rush, Mastery started with a very broad activity base selling PCs and Macs and all peripherals to a wide range of commercial clients. This early phase was noteworthy for the advent of accessible professional-quality CD recorders, video digitising equipment, scanners and Macromedia, Adobe, Fractal Design and MetaTools software products as graphics professionals and others took up the gauntlet of delivering multimedia-based content to their customers.

In 1995, Mastery embarked upon an in-depth exploration of a new Apple-generated technology, QuickTime Virtual Reality, contributing as developers to the emerging knowledge base. In December 1997, we participated in the inaugural Wrinkle In Time event, a synchronised, panoramic snapshot of human activity around the globe, the first of many such events.

In 1997 Mastery formed a collective of local talent to produce the ground-breaking "from The American Book of Answers". An interactive poem delivered via a QuickTime VR Object Movie in a Director wrapper, "fTABoA" won the WA Film & Television Institute's 1997 Award for Interactive Multimedia, and was curated as part of the Techne exhibition, touring Australia in 1997.

In 1998 the Kaidan dealership was obtained, and shortly after that the VR Toolbox product range and the Squamish Media Group products were added. These Quicktime VR specialist products form the core of our direct imports.

Over the years we refined our focus to the situation where Mastery dealt exclusively with specialist business and academic users, selling only Macintosh hardware and Mac and PC software programs used for content production in the areas of QTVR, Digital Video, Streaming Media and Multimedia.

In later years, leveraged its many years of experience in the audio-visual and multimedia fields, and provided training and content-production services in web, digital video and interactive multimedia areas to end-user clients and other developers. Examples of client projects may be seen in our Design Services area.

For some historic highlights of our creative evolution, please visit our Awards and Achievements page.

In recent years, Mastery's two principals, Geoff Jagoe and Barb de la Hunty, have been retained by other organisations to provide expertise on a full-time, permanent basis. As a result, Mastery was no longer able to provide our previous comprehensive level of expertise to clients, and with regret has now ceased to be a commercial entity.

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