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Gallery A: QuickTime VR Object Movies

quicktime 5 free playerYou will need the free QuickTime Plugin to view the QuickTime VRs on this site. Download QuickTime for Macintosh or Windows here.

"Holo Dolly", a QTVR Object Movie of a Japanese doll built to represent virtual shopping by holographic projection on a freeform virtual console. The movie featured in the "Dream I.T!" animation, which explores possible evolutions in the I.T. field 30 years into the future. 437k.


Anna's Shoe
in 2000, we were commissioned by Max Multimedia to create object movies of various items of Anna Kournikova's sporting attire for their Sports Stars Mini CD Project. Here are two example files which resulted from that commission.

Tennis Shoe
Multi-Row Object Movie
This is a much-reduced version of the full-screen multirow supplied to Max Multimedia for the CD-ROM, using the background supplied by the client. 3.1Mb.

Shoe in the Sky
Single Row Object Movie.
This single row movie was produced using a rendered background from Bryce. 1.4Mb.

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid
Single Row Object Movie.
Our first object movie, and still a favourite. 325k.

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