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"from The American Book of Answers"
(web version: 4.7Mb)

an Interactive Poem


As the movie downloads, you can click on the image window with the mouse and drag to reveal different lines of the poem. More lines and phrases will become accessible as the poem downloads further. When the movie has fully downloaded, some of these phrases will display animations, some will not. You should also hear the soundtrack playing, although you may wish to pause it until the vision is completely downloaded.

The poem is derived from phrases from the apocryphal publication: "The American Book of Answers" and was the winner of the WA Film and Video Festival 1997 Award for Interactive Multimedia

The original version of this piece was designed to be played at high-quality full-screen resolution and/or via video projection, and is 130Mb with the full soundtrack. The animations were produced with Fractal Design Painter and the poem authored with Apple's MakeQTVRObject application. What you see presented here is a piece which has been drastically compressed and reduced in size to 4.8Mb for web delivery.

Poem written and narrated by Joe Record
Soundtrack by Matthew de la Hunty, with grooves by Ben Chase
Original concept and QTVR authoring by Geoff Jagoe
Animations and images by Barb de la Hunty
Produced by Geoff Jagoe
Copyright of the assembled piece: Mastery Multimedia 1997
Copyright of the individual components retained by the authors

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