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Angels of the Deep Above

Painting using a gradient as a clone source with MetaCreations' Painter 5.

1. I filled a page with purple neon spiral gradient preset and applied surface texture using luminance.

2. I then used that gradient as my clone source, and chose the hatched paper texture, and the smeary bristles brush set to clone source colour to paint an angel into a new dark blue page. I applied surface texture to the angel based on luminance to enhance the texture.

3. In a new page, I built a two-tone, blue to black gradient as a clone source for the sky colour.

4. Returning to my main image, I painted in the background sky and sea using tailored oil and water brushes set to clone source colour from the sky gradient page, and a rougher paper texture.

5. I duplicated the angel, scaled and rotated a few copies, and painted in the moon and reflections.

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This image was produced as my entry into the Painter Gradient Exhibition. The challenge was to produce an image using only MetaCreations' Painter program and its preset gradients palette as the main tool/effect . It was a fun challenge, and a very interesting exercise to see what a wide range of approaches this produced.



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